Grants available to manage gorse on your land

The Victorian Gorse Taskforce (VGT) is calling for project submissions for their 2021/22 community small grants program.

Property managers, their neighbours or local Landcare groups can attract up to $5,000 in grants to help combat gorse in your local area.

The VGT will support groups, starting from just two landholders, who are genuinely willing to control gorse and keep it under control.

VGT Chair Ron Cosgrave said if infestations of gorse are not controlled, they will continue to get worse. The time to start control is now.

“The VGT grant funding is about helping those who haven’t received past incentives, have old stands of gorse and need more support,” Mr Cosgrave said.

“In a way it’s like seed funding, a way to help landholders get the ball rolling in managing gorse.”

The longevity of gorse seeds can be decades, meaning one year of seeding generates decades of weeding or a lifetime of hard work.

Mr Cosgrave said gorse will also harbour invasive animals such as foxes, cats and rabbits costing you money and impacting on native species.

“Gorse infestations can also reduce land value dramatically and can promote a significant fire risk to your property.”

Interested landholders not part of a Landcare group can come together to deliver a project on their own.

All landholders who receive VGT grant funding must sign up to a three-year voluntary agreement to maintain their control.

The VGT 2021/22 community small grants program will close on 28 May 2021. For more information on how to apply visit