Help contribute to the development of the Stone Reserve Heritage Walk

An exciting project to develop a half kilometre walkway from Redesdale to a lookout overlooking the historic Redesdale bridge. It is planned to erect a monument to the 150 year old bridge and to create history boards depicting the colourful history of the bridge, the local area, the indigenous flora and fauna, and local aboriginal history.

Stone Reserve is a 2.5-hectare piece of land on the road between Redesdale and Mia Mia in Central Victoria. In the late 19th century, it was a stone quarry for the railways. In recent decades it has been used by the local primary school for outdoor activities and in the 1950s was part of the Federal Forestry Project. Recently the community celebrated the 150-year birthday of the bridge.

This will be a step closer to creating a walking track between the Redesdale and Mia Mia communities and an opportunity to honour the history of the local area. So let’s get donating!

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