Landcare community working bee – we need your help!

As many would be aware Philip Don for a long time has carried out mowing along the Kyneton-Heathcote Road at his expense and after all the cost of breakages due to rocks encountered Philip continues to carry out this task.

ln January of 2020, we experienced a grassfire that emanated from the long grass beside Lyell road caused by sparks from the exposed rim of a blown trailer tyre wheel. This fire threatened homes and livestock within 2km of Redesdale, and took many appliances and people to bring it under control. This event happened in this mid afternoon and the community including fire fighters and local residents came out to do battle with that fire.

The Heathcote-Kyneton Rd to Redesdale and Lyell Rd are now designated Over Dimension Transport routes, and large vehicles are on the road almost constantly increasing the likelihood of mishap. One way of diminishing the potential of mishap that we can control is reducing the fuel load along the verges of the main roads.

Landcare are proposing a combined working group of RaDA, Redesdale RFB and CVLG lnc. to investigate what the we can do, and how we can achieve it as a combined community activity. This will also include a request to Barfold Quarries to assist in removing rocks that have prevented and hindered roadside maintenance.

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