Rural Communities Committee (RCC)

Rural Communities Committee (RCC)

The City of Greater Bendigo (CoGB) has reconvened the Rural Communities Committee (RCC).  The Committee provides an important forum for rural community members, Councillors and CoGB staff to collaborate about what’s important for our community.

The RCC’s terms of reference outline its purpose as:

1.       To identify key issues and opportunities relevant to rural community wellbeing, vibrancy and resilience and develop and implement collaborative, coordinated responses. 
2.       To support diverse rural community perspectives being gathered and considered in local community and Council decision making.
3.       To support the planning, delivery and evaluation of targeted initiatives aimed at strengthening rural community capabilities and capacities.
4.       To identify potential opportunities and rationale for Council processes and practices to be modified with the intent of improving community and organisational outcomes.

Community members are appointed to the Committee by Council on the basis of their demonstrated passion for, commitment to and participation in the rural community outside the urban boundaries of Bendigo.  I am pleased be a representative of our rural community on the RCC and invite constructive and positive ideas and feedback that I can take to our committee meetings that can help make our community stronger. 

The following matters were identified as priority Committee focus areas for 2019/20:

  1. NBN network coverage
  2. Mobile phone network coverage
  3. Public transport options and use
  4. Aboriginal cultural heritage and agriculture
  5. Investing in people and social capital

If you have any queries regarding any of the matters discussed above or you would like an issue tabled in the RCC forum, please contact me at or PO Box 7 Redesdale VIC 3444 or call on 0422001924.

Rural Communities Committee (RCC) – OCTOBER 2019 MEETING

Several items shared and discussed:


  1. The second RRC meeting was held in October with recognition of Yvonne Wrigglesworth’s contribution and regret on her resignation from Council. Yvonne’s replacement Councillor Susie Hawke has been announced.


2. The RCC’s submission was made to the ‘Greater Bendigo – Where People Thrive’ supporting the                  consultation process. More information following our next meeting


  1. The manager of the City’s Financial Strategy Unit, Mr Nathan Morsillo has indicated that future budgets will highlight rural projects more clearly than in the past. A process for this is under development.


  1. Nathan also shared the objectives of the State Rate Review process with a number of key matters discussed. There is a video online on how the process and rates work. > The consultation schedule can be found here >


  1. City of Greater Bendigo rates video can be found here > with the City’s rates break down here >


  1. At our next meeting in December NBN and PTV representatives have been invited to discuss plans and hear our issues first hand. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this discussion please let me know.


  1. Councillor O’Rourke advised that the City’s next budget considerations are underway and open to consultation.


  1. ‘Join the Crew’ is an opportunity to consider getting involved with the local community and find out how volunteering and special interests’ groups can fit with your busy lifestyle. Meet with community groups in a welcoming and low pressure environment on 16 November 2019, 11.00am – 3.00pm at Heathcote Community Bank Stadium Barrack Reserve, Heathcote >

If you have any queries regarding any of the above please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Beurle +61422001924

RCC Submission to the ‘Where People Thrive’

Our first task was to make a formal submission to council for the ‘Greater Bendigo – Where People Thrive’ strategy. If you wish to review our submission please connect via this link and you will find the councils strategy and the RCC’s submission.

City of Greater Bendigo RCC Where People Thrive Submission

Any feedback or queries regarding these and any other matters of interest, please feel free to contact me.


Please find attached and below information regarding the following events/activities/information:

  • ‘No Bull’ Support Workshop at Heathcote 30th October 2019 (flyer attached);
  • safeTALK Workshop in Marong 6th November 2019 (flyer attached);
  • Information for Primary Producers (attached);
  • Murray Darling Basin survey seeking to understand the lived experience of communities across the Basin (see below);
  • New Kangaroo Harvesting program to enable commercial harvesting of kangaroos in Victoria (see below).

MDBC Survey

 The Independent Panel for the assessment of social and economic conditions in the Murray Darling Basin is seeking to understand the lived experience of communities across the Basin. Participating in this survey will help the Panel to understand how people perceive the current social and economic health of their communities, and to identify the major opportunities and challenges facing Basin communities.. It will close at 5pm 30 October 2019.

Click here to complete the survey

 Kangaroo Harvesting

 New Kangaroo Harvesting program to enable commercial harvesting of kangaroos in Victoria – the Kangaroo Harvesting Program. The website contains information about the program including FAQs for landholders, harvesters and processors


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